With S-Gene Decreased Cases Rising, Tamil Nadu Lab Report Will Be Final


With more and more cases of international passengers testing positive and a drop in the S gene reported, state health department officials are long awaiting reports from the National Institute of Virology or the InStem laboratory in Bengaluru. For this reason, the results of tests performed by the State Public Health Laboratory (SPHL) will now be considered the final report after complete genomic sequencing to conclude the variant in the samples.

Health Secretary J Radhakrishnan said the entire genomic sequencing report for more than 49 samples is expected as they reported the presence of a drop in the S gene. “With the Omicron cases and the suspected cases which are increasing daily in all states, the set of genomic sequencing reports by the SPHL will be the report authorized to be taken into account for the detection of the variant. This should be done in the next few days, ”he said.

The number of international passengers who tested positive for COVID-19 has exceeded 100 and around 101 passengers have tested positive for COVID-19, 22 of whom have successfully recovered and discharged from hospital.

A total of 39 international passengers tested positive for COVID-19 on the first day, while 41 tested positive when retested on the eighth day. Meanwhile, 21 contacts of these passengers have tested positive for COVID-19. There are 79 patients on treatment for COVID-19 in hospitals, including 68 in public hospitals and 11 in private facilities.

The Health Secretary said 2,431 contacts and prolonged contacts of these passengers had tested positive, including 65 close contacts and 2,367 prolonged contacts. Of these, 16 close contacts and five prolonged contacts tested positive for COVID-19.

Currently, 13 genomic sequencing reports have been received so far, including one Omicron case, eight Delta variant cases and 4 non-sequenced cases.

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