Second lab test confirms Subway’s tuna sub does not contain tuna


Look elsewhere if you’re a Subway fan, as a second lab DNA report has confirmed that the Subway Tuna Sub does not actually contain tuna.

Which makes you wonder: what exactly is in it?

Well, the good news is, it’s fish. It is certainly fish. But the laboratory report of the New York Times impossible to identify what kind of fish.

They tested “60 Inches of Subway Tuna Sandwiches” at three different stores in LA. And they found that not only could they not find any tuna DNA, they could not identify any species of fish.


A spokesperson for the lab said there were two findings.

“First, it’s so processed that all we could take out, we couldn’t do identification. Or we have it and there is nothing there that is tuna.

The tuna dispute began in January when two Californian customers filed a complaint claiming the products are “made from anything but tuna.”

Since then, there have been a number of investigations into what goes on in a Subway Tuna submarine.

Huge whale found stranded on Jebel Ali beach

Stay with fish news, a whale weighing 15 tons and measuring over 12 meters was found dead and stranded on a beach in Jebel Ali.

The animal was identified as a male Bryde’s whale and has now been found in Jebel Ali.

An autopsy was performed on the whale, but it appears to have died of natural causes. There was no clear evidence of “ship strikes” or “marine debris”.

Bryde’s whale is relatively rare in the world but is often found in the Persian Gulf and the sea. And autopsy is underway to help understand “the state and ecology of this species in the region”.

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