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Mumbai: A private US-based cybercrime lab said it found traces of Pegasus surveillance software on a cell phone belonging to Rona Wilson, accused in the 2018 Elgar Parishad case and currently in prison.
The “Pegasus Indicators” on the iPhone 6 run from July 5, 2017 to April 10, 2018, according to Arsenal Consulting, a Massachusetts-based company that has been “asked by Wilson’s defense team to identify any reference on Mr. Wilson’s computer to indicators found in Amnesty International Security Lab’s “NSO Group Pegasus Indicator of Compromise”.
Arsenal’s report by chairman Mark Spencer is the fourth such report submitted in this case.
The report dated August 18, 2021 also stated: “It is important to note that throughout this period of Pegasus attacks and Mr. Wilson’s iPhone 6 infection, the attacker identified in Arsenal I reports , II and III used NetWire. RAT (Remote Access Trojan) on Mr. Wilson’s computer for monitoring and delivery of incriminating documents.
There are 16 defendants in the Elgar case which is under investigation by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). The indictment against the accused invoked the Anti-Terrorism Law, the Illegal Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) against them.
Wilson, who after the first report asked the HC to drop the charges against him, cited the US forensic report to argue that he and other defendants were “in someone’s frame” because his digital device had been lost. compromise.
The NIA in response to Wilson’s quashing petition said his entire petition, however, never mentioned who was trying to trick him, “if that even happened”, and therefore the allegation was ” vague “and cannot be viewed at this point. stage.
Earlier in June, more than four months after the publication of his first cybercrime report on an alleged malicious attack on Wilson’s laptop, the US consultant said that the computer of co-accused Surendra Gadling was also “compromised”.


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